turned a corner

Album’s done, mastering’s done, artwork is done, notes page is done… I just need to upload it to Bandcamp and publish, when I get home from work.

Usually after an album’s done, I tally up how much I used each piece of gear and see if there are any surprises or insights. This time I made the spreadsheet and then found I didn’t much care what the results were, so I closed it without even really looking at the numbers. Opening it again… okay fine, I used Harmonia three times and not Aalto, but what’s that mean really? I still like Aalto. I used more reverb plugins than delay plugins this time (but that’s because I leaned hard on Strega). Not really much of interest to learn there.

I guess I’m actually taking the “it’s not the gear” thing to heart.

I mean, it’s also not not the gear; I made the choices I did because I like a particular sound and those modules/plugins/etc. would help me contribute to it — and part of my process is to explore sounds and then when inspiration strikes, go into “music mode” and it’s the gear making sounds. But if you put someone else’s butt in my chair and they’d make something very different with the same stuff. If I swapped setups with someone else, once I got familiar with it, I’d end up making something that sounds like what I make with my own setup.

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