another step

Done mastering the next album, I think — I need to do some test listening. It needs the art, notes written up etc.

I only gave the album a name yesterday (after one of the tracks; a name with a story that I’m not sure whether I will tell in words or just let the music speak). I have had another album name in mind for almost a year now and I haven’t used it yet. Maybe next time!

Have been playing Soulstone Survivors more than anything else lately, after learning some things about the mechanics that have led to some really great builds. And then they went and added a new class, the Myrmidon. Who’s really more mermaid than myrmidon, with sea-related powers. And queue the usual internet suspects complaining about historical accuracy because myrmidons were men, in a game that has a Dwarf with machine guns and robots, where you can swing a sword in a 60-foot radius 5 times per second, where you can throw an infinite number of knives while also casting fire spells and stabbing with a spear and wielding a warhammer made of ice. Okay. Anyway, I really dig the Myrmidon’s theme and she’s quite an effective character, much more capable than the Monkey King when he was introduced (at least before I learned the aforementioned mechanics stuff).

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