Slow Teleport announced…

While it’s not scheduled to be played until February 4, here are the notes for my Live & Indirect session “Slow Teleport.”

Some time after the show I’ll also most likely release it on Bandcamp, as I did with Stridulation-Yukon-Relay.

I just submitted that recording yesterday, but last night I already recorded a new session, tentatively called “Krill” if that helps you imagine what it sounds like, with the wonderfully inspiring Incus Iteritas Alia (and Peradam, Marbles, Clep Diaz, Miniverb, Dedalus).

I tried all the available firmwares:

  • Cursus is definitely a favorite.
  • Incus is also a favorite, it’s super interesting how much variety it can produce and just how far it can travel with a 1/4 turn of a single knob.
  • Debel — it didn’t stand out that much to me but would likely be useful to someone less already obsessed with FM. Deserves to be revisited to dig a little deeper though.
  • Ataraxic sounds extremely close to its original hardware. Since I have the space for it and it’s been getting pretty regular usage, I’m going to keep my Ataraxic Iteritas racked rather than selling it, unless something really compelling comes along. (And yes… this plus Wave Packets absolutely puts me back at “too many oscillators.” I think I’m going to just live with that.)
  • Manis — I didn’t spend long with it before jumping to Cursus, but I think it deserves a comparison to the plugin. My feeling at the moment is they’re somewhat different beasts and I’ll have reason to use MIA on occasion. But we’ll see.
  • Basimilus… heresy though it may be, I just prefer it in plugin form.

I’m really curious whether Loquelic Iteritas will be translated in some form to Alia. Obviously some changes would need to be made. I can imagine a version with main and mod oscillators with a ratio parameter, rather than independent A and B, and perhaps using a knob to switch or even crossfade between algorithms so one of the three-way switches can remain B/A/T. But it’s also not unlikely that NE has other ideas, or is planning a redesigned Loquelic module that’s not part of the platform.