notes: Slow Teleport

Slow Teleport is a set of five live improvised sessions, with a bit of additional overdubbing (but no multitracking or MIDI sequences), crossfaded into one continuous track. It was recorded for the “Live & Indirect Sessions” show on Repeater Radio.

(In the list of voices/gear below I’m omitting some utilities, dynamics processing and EQ etc. Hardware is in bold text, software in italics.)

Part 1 (0:00 to approx. 9:30)

  • Intellijel Shapeshifter modulated by 3 LFOs, through Arturia Refract & Phonolyth Cascade. Sampled and looped, through u-he Twangstrom and Moog MF-104S delay.
  • Make Noise Strega and Arturia Minibrute 2S patched together, through Fabfilter Saturn 2, Audiority Electric Matter, Arturia Jun-6, Arturia Refract, Valhalla Room.
  • Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas through Newfangled Audio Invigorate, Minimal Audio Rift, Arturia Refract (this part was also sampled and used in later sessions)
  • An ambient loop in Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O. II using a factory-included sample. Recorded direct, as well as through Paper Jamz “Pro Microphone” toy with and without pitch “correction” enabled. Looped in Bitwig Grid with a control assigned to crossfade between the three versions.
  • New Systems Instruments Harmonic Shift Oscillator played with Make Noise 0-Ctrl, into a Bitwig Grid patch (envelope and filter, and pitch tracking controlling Make Noise Spectraphon). Through Dreadbox Hypnosis, Ujam UFX-Reverb.
  • Noise Engineering Ataraxic Iteritas, Rabid Elephant Natural Gate, Noise Eng Melotus Versio, Valhalla Delay

Part 2 (approx 9:15 to 16:18)

  • Make Noise Strega and Arturia Minibrute 2S, through Audiothing Lines, Arturia Plate-140, Mod Sound More
  • Arturia Synclavier V through Bitwig Sweep, Native Instruments Raum
  • Audiothing Noises, Bitwig Harmonic Split [with a VCV Rack patch with two CF100 bandpass filters and 2 Ripples lowpass filters on the odd harmonics; Phonolyth Velvet Machine on even harmonics]
  • Tone2 Warlock, Phonolyth Cascade
  • Whimsical Raps Just Friends with its Intone (rather than pitch) played by Make Noise 0-Ctrl, Mystic Circuits Blinkus and 0HP LPG, Valhalla Delay

Part 3 (approx 16:09 to 21:50)

  • Bitwig Grid [8x voice stack with sine oscillator phase-modulating another sine, parallel Ripple filters crossfaded by an LFO], Audiority Tube Modulator, Audiority Xenoverb, Bitwig Delay+ with Audio Damage Ratshack Reverb in its feedback loop, and u-he Runciter. Played on Roli Seaboard Block with Entonal Studio using “7-limit Hexany” tuning preset
  • Field recording of construction equipment captured on a phone. Through Wildergarden Audio Maim, Madrona Labs Virta, Bitwig Sweep, Valhalla Delay
  • Four oscillators crossfaded in Intellijel Planar 2: ALM Akemie’s Castle, The Harvestman Zorlon Cannon mk2, NSI Harmonic Shift Oscillator, and Make Noise Spectraphon (in chaos mode). Modulated by Mutable Instruments Marbles and Noise Eng Clep Diaz, through Mutable Instruments Blades and Make Noise Mimeophon, Fabfilter Saturn 2 and Dreadbox Hypnosis.
  • The construction field recording, through Phonolyth Velvet Machine and Valhalla Supermassive
  • Xaoc Odessa (with modulation from Mutable Instruments Stages) through Mutable Instruments Beads, Phonolyth Cascade.

Part 4 (approx 21:15 to 26:30)

  • A small section of the K.O.II/Paper Jamz loop from part 1 looped and filtered in Bitwig Grid, through Unfiltered Audio SpecOps, Phonolyth Velvet Machine
  • M0ffenzeef Modular Shtick! through Mod Sound More, Aegean Pitchproof, Native Instruments Raum
  • Noise Eng Ataraxic Iteritas through Rabid Elephant Natural Gate and Cosmotronic Peradam, played by 0-Ctrl and modulated by Mutable Instruments Stages and The Harvestman Kermit mk2. Mixed with a Bitwig Grid patch [swarm oscillator poorly tracking the pitch of Ataraxic, Ripple filter]. Both through Noise Eng Imitor, Valhalla Room.
  • The Harvestman Zorlon Cannon mk2 through Mutable Instruments Rings and Make Noise Spectraphon (SAM mode). Bitwig Heat, Inphonik PCM2612
  • Bitwig Grid patch [Swarm osc heavily modulated by noise, filtered, with pan and level controlled by expression pedal] through Audiority Electric Matter, Noise Eng Imitor
  • Bitwig Grid patch [Manis Iteritas sample from part 1, pitched down, retriggered by Zorlon Cannon mk2, through Transfer shaper, Rasp filter and Heat shaper], Plogue Chipcrusher.
  • (In post-production, some amplitude modulation in Bitwig Grid was applied on frequencies above 1KHz)

Part 5 (approx 25:59 to end)

  • the part 1 Manis Iteritas sample again, gradually lowered in pitch and speed, through Noise Eng Desmodus
  • the construction equipment recording again, through u-he Runciter, Unfiltered Audio SpecOps, Wildergarden Audio Maim, Valhalla Delay
  • Befaco Noise Plethora in VCV Rack, Fabfilter Saturn 2
  • Dawesome Kult, Goodhertz Lossy, Valhalla Supermassive (imitating a “ghost” of the construction equipment whine, overdubbed after recording)
  • Bitwig Grid patch [white noise through modulated filters], d16 Decimort, Native Instruments Raum, Bitwig Grid [slight random tremolo & pan]
  • Inear Display Lancinantes, Valhalla Vintage Verb (overdubbed after recording)