the lowest Quelic

Loquelic Iteritas arrived last week. I find it very much to my liking, though a bit quirky.

I normally laugh off claims that something “sounds digital” or “thin” or “cold.” But in this case, the aliasing can be obvious and much of its range does seem “thin” — not in a disparaging way, but like a knife. Sharp and shiny. It’s a great complement to something like Manis Iteritas which is heavy and dark. However, it does have some territory where it can sound quite solid, or bold and brassy.

Tuning can be a challenge. Where most complex oscillators have a clear primary/modulator relationship — even if cross-modulation is possible — the frequency knobs for oscillators A and B here are independent. It makes sense, but unfortunately, if you have the perfect ratio dialed in but need to retune, it calls for extremely careful tweaking of both frequencies rather than just turning one knob.

Also, the minimum frequency is a moderately fast LFO. Sometimes there is pure sonic gold with that kind of modulation but I want it to be just a bit slower. The Bass/Alto/Treble switch of newer Noise Engineering oscillators, or responding to negative voltage on the pitch inputs, would have gotten there.

Those quibbles aside, I like it a lot. I don’t feel like it’s redundant with my other oscillators in any way — even its phase modulation algorithm sounds different from anything else I have. So I’ll be happy to hang onto this and put it to regular use, not just have it satisfy a few years of curiosity.