lost my marbles

ADDAC503 Marble Physics turned out to be kind of a disappointment to me. Without diving too far into specifics, it’s less controllable than I’d hoped, and the two patches I was particularly dreaming of aren’t doable. It seems like a fun module for the right kind of person, but not for me. So I’ve found someone selling a used Loquelic Iteritas and will go for that instead.

I have to say that ADDAC’s red panels are gorgeous though — they’re metal, not PCB like I assumed, and have a nice satin finish. The white text is still completely legible.

The new album is ready to go and will be released Friday (for Bandcamp Friday). I decided to cut one of the tracks that I felt just doesn’t flow well and was a bit jarring, but it’s still 51 minutes.

I find it interesting just how consistent the sound and feel are between tracks made with very different gear. That feels like validation. I think not making a big deal about the stuff is really the right course.

I saw this image in a review this morning and immediately thought not of a meatless burger, but of Obvious Plant.

The UK version of this is vegan (and that means, sad vegan cheese). The US version is… cooked on the same grills as the beef, making it not suitable for many vegetarians. The same thing that BK did with the Impossible Whopper before backlash caused them to change it. Why not just skip right ahead to that?

I was a vegetarian for 7 years when I was younger, and I still go through occasional periods of wanting to eat less meat, particularly beef. Beef has a much heavier climate impact than anything else, requiring more clean water, more land use and more fuel per pound or per calorie than chicken, pork, or especially plants. A shift in global food production away from beef toward more plants is WAY up on the priority list of climate solutions, more so than things like public transit or electric cars or LED lighting. I do like beef occasionally, but will happily choose a meatless alternative when it makes basically no difference in the experience of the meal — as in most burgers, nachos, etc.

Kraftwerk has announced a 2022 North America tour, with a St. Louis appearance in May. I had a ticket for the 2020 tour which was cancelled, but I think this time I won’t go for it. 3D video is part of it, and those glasses rarely work well for me over my normal glasses (Tron Legacy was fine, Avatar was a garbled mess of not even being able to see characters’ faces.) I have a preference for the original versions of Kraftwerk’s music rather than the digitally reworked, rhythmically neutralized, over-polished remakes which have generally been all they’ve done since 1986 (aside from Tour de France Soundtracks, itself based on a single from 1983). And the touring group consists of Ralf and three others who are not Florian, Wolfgang or Karl. As I understand it, it was Ralf who pretty much ruined the band’s momentum. So… I can talk myself out of going pretty easily.