plan/goals for 2021

I have already touched on part of this, but here’s the “official” post with what I intend for 2021.

1. Keep making it!
2. Make time to just listen without other distractions. Make sure everything in my music collection gets the time and attention it deserves.
3. Do keep supporting other musicians on Bandcamp, Patreon etc. (but I don’t have to buy as much as in 2020)

Gear FOMO / GAS:
1. No selling/trading any music hardware until at least May 1.
2. My Eurorack is complete. Limit any selling/trading of modules to a maximum of 3 in 2021. Don’t buy modules that won’t fit in the cases I have, or put modules in storage, or buy more/bigger cases.
3. Don’t buy/trade any other synths or FX or music toys. Maybe a nOb controller.
4. With software, consider if I really need something else. The answer is probably no.
5. (Exceptions: beta testing, replacement in case of equipment failure, an unambiguous one-for-one upgrade. All unlikely.)

1. Do better than in 2020! (That… should not be hard.)
2. Do some walking/moving/stretching.
3. Test blood sugar at least every Friday morning.

1. Don’t engage with bad actors/hostile people, or in threads where everyone is just talking past each other. This pretty much includes Behringer threads, analog vs. digital, hardware vs. software, most political threads, and so on.

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