I decided to actually do a proper study and writeup of Akemie’s Castle, after going over it so many times throughout my modular journey to judge it (and always finding it worthy).

Unless I come to a point where I consider getting away from Eurorack entirely, I don’t think it’s going to be subject to that kind of trial again. It’s proven itself too many times.

I’m glad I went through the semi-formal process this time. I tried to take nothing for granted, and wound up learning some new things about this module that I’ve had for years.

I think I will proceed across the top row and hit the rest of the modules as I go. I’m not sure I have much to say about Xaoc Tallin, so I might write up a combined page with the “trivial” stuff. But next to that is Drezno, and that’s going to be an interesting one: a real chameleon that depends greatly on how you patch it. I’ll have to work out a strategy to cover it.

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