here at the end (of 2022)

I’ve worked out the next minor set of changes to the modular:

  • Sell the BeetTweek and Wogglebug.
  • Sell the Inertia and Tilt, and replace them with a 4ms Mini PEG and a Make Noise Function.
  • Replace the Softwire Press with Bela Gliss once it arrives.
  • Unrack Marbles but don’t sell it quite yet. See if I feel like the VCV Rack version is enough to cover my fairly rare usage of it.
  • Maybe sell the Compare 2.

BeetTweek was a fun toy and a very nice light show. It has some practical usage too, but with all of the other controllers I have it just wasn’t getting much of a workout.

Wogglebug is also pretty neat. While I had some fun with it, again, I just didn’t use it much and don’t reach for it unless I’m specifically thinking “how can I use my Wogglebug?”

Inertia, too. I just haven’t been getting much usage out of it as a modulator or modulation shaper, nor as an oscillator (where it has a great deal of competition), nor even as filter where I think it is at its best.

Compare 2 is another one that’s neat but not getting much use. Bitwig Grid is admirable as a comparator when I can live with the latency, which is nearly always anyway. But there’s nothing specific I want to replace it with. If Wogglebug doesn’t happen to sell first I might just put that in instead.

Tilt gets more use, but I have never gelled with its ergonomics. I don’t really need an ADSR envelope very often. I think Mini PEG’s synchronized rise and fall (something even Just Friends won’t do) will be very suitable, and I know I like Make Noise Function’s feel and response.

I like Marbles, and I used to use it pretty heavily but it’s really fallen off over the past several months. 0-Ctrl handles the great majority of my minimal sequencing. I expect the VCV version will cover the occasional patch.

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