Partway through our holiday road trip. Winter storms and extreme cold have made this a very eventful Christmas, a difficult one in some places in the US and a tragic one in others. We only had about an inch of snow at home, but it was bitterly cold on our travel day. The roads were mostly clear and traffic was mostly not bad, but stopping for gas and restroom breaks was mighty unpleasant with windchills in the -30s. It was still a long day and we were glad to arrive safe at our destination.

Christmas feels pretty low-key in general this year. But it’s good to be with my parents again without it being medically related, and share in food and just sitting around talking.

MSNBC has been going back over the year’s top stories and showing a couple of documentaries of recent events (the Jan 6th mess, the ridiculous press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping and how it affected that business) and it seems weird that these things were only a couple of years ago — at the same time it feels like it’s been years and yet unresolved. The idea that Trump could wind up in office again is surreal and disturbing.

I’ve also been going back and rereading this blog. It’s a slice of my modular and creative journeys, spanning the release of several albums. It’s also incidentally a record of the turbulent times around COVID-19 and the election and changes in my career and such. I’m not really drawing conclusions from it, aside from… life is messy, and it goes on, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Not very profound or original, I know.