2023 goals

I found some inspiration yesterday, and it’s time to write up my goals / plan / guiding principles etc. for 2023.


  • When in doubt, don’t reply to threads. You can’t fix bad attitudes or narrow minds online, and you can’t convince some people with facts, and you probably can’t calm down people who are riled up about a thing. Better to just not get involved.


  • Since I’m 80% working from home and this isn’t a great neighborhood for taking walks… get on that exercise bike!
  • More walks around the lake on weekends when weather permits.
  • Cut back on snacks — the easiest way to do this is just don’t buy them.


  • The best way to expand and improve is through technique, not more/different gear.
  • Whenever I hear a demo of a piece of gear that gets my attention, I’ve been able to patch something similar (or inspired by it) with the gear that I already have. Remember that!
  • There are very few modules I own now that I’m willing to give up to make space to try something else. And I also would rather keep all my modules in the main case than use the overflow pod. So that means… don’t buy any modules unless they overcome those other drives.
    (That being said, I do want to go through a process with each of my modules: work out how I feel about them. Whether they’re just cool, or actively serving me in my music. If they’ve been getting less use, do I just need to work with them a bit and rediscover them — or is there something I could substitute for them that would be more suitable? This has to take software integration into consideration as well.
    For instance: Marbles is nifty, but has been getting less use in favor of 0-Ctrl sequences, and I have Marbles in VCV Rack.)
  • Improve my bass playing — I want to play cleanly and confidently on both the Miezo and UBass.

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