so done

Black Panther was really a great film. Its sequel Wakanda Forever was — after some time to sleep on it — a decent superhero movie with a few really emotional moments. The plot, motivations and character were a bit more confused, and even the action was a bit unclear at times. But to be fair, I think the first movie was already going to be hard to follow even without the loss of Chadwick Boseman.

At the start of this feedback album project, I felt curious and inspired and the flow was very good. But taking a couple of weeks off from it for holiday travel kind of threw things off, and most of all I miss playing my synths and my bass and my usual methods. So I decided to just stop — “art is never finished, only abandoned” — and move along to the mastering phase, so I can get back to playing and get my groove back, so to speak. It’s important for me that music-making feels like play. I might make dark and pensive and ominous music but there is real joy in its creation, or else it doesn’t work.

The release should be soon. The music and art are done, I’m just considering writing up some text and/or diagrams for a webpage.

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