released: Closing Our Eyes…

The new album is out!

I have been describing it as “moody, noisy, droney, dark ambient-adjacent cousin-to-Berlin-School occasionally-shaking-hands-with-industrial, improvisation.” As always it’s free/pay-what-you-want.

The patch notes are here.

As I often do, I went through my notes and tallied up usage of various bits of gear. The distribution came out flatter than usual among both Eurorack modules and effects plugins, with no clear favorites and nothing getting neglected. Blades and Beads were just a little ahead of others, and on the plugin side, Imitor. My Dreadbox Hypnosis as well my Strega/Minibrute 2S pair got a lot of action though. The K.O. II and Zorlon Cannon which really only arrived at the end didn’t have that much of a chance, but I enjoyed incorporating them. I didn’t have that much bass guitar on this one, but the Miezo got a lead part and the uke bass contributed key elements to a couple of tracks. So everything is in balance, pretty much.

released: Yuki-Onna

New album release!

This is what was going to be my Best of Jamuary release, but almost all the best stuff was consistent in style: dark, noisy drone “ambient” stuff, full of controlled chaos.

(Since I went so heavy with the Make Noise Strega, I thought… winter month + witch = …hmm, I don’t want to name it after the Snow Queen or White Witch specifically, but how about a spooky yokai? Yes, that works.

Which caused me to read up a bit more on yuki-onna. Apparently there are many different varieties of them and conflicting stories about what (not) to do if you encounter one. If a granny or a woman with a baby or just any visitor comes along, begging for water or shelter, you can’t just leave them in the cold… but maybe make sure they have a hot bath. And dress warm and maybe carry a shovel. Or don’t live near a valley in Japan in winter.)

August 10 update: patch notes are now available here.