men are from Tatooine, women are from Omicron Persei XIII


The Playhouse at Westport is once again running “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus,” which they made such a big deal of 10 years ago. There’s a giant poster in the hallway.

I’ve always hated that poster to an irrational degree.

The artwork is super annoying for some reason — the two faces look both super smug and yet somehow infantilized. The whole concept behind the title is stupid, stereotypical, gender essentialism and probably mildly harmful in some way.

I always want to vandalize that poster:

Men are from EARTH, women are from EARTH, you’re really not that different, get over it.

or: Nonbinary comrades, we must defeat the alien menace!

or: You’re all immigrants.

or: I am from Pluto.

Speaking of Venus, Zoozve is official now. Congratulations on your naming, little quasi-satellite!

Now if we could just get justice for Pluto…

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