KnobLog night 2: Berghain for nerds

The answer is two hours, I could do two hours of the Big Room performances even sitting through most of it. There were 6 performers on the slate, and two hours was half of them. I’m sad to have missed POB’s set especially, but yesterday was intense and I have a long drive today.

Space Racer was good, modular techno. She kept things varied, she had a bit of structure to it — I think there was actually a lot of improv going but it all worked. One continuous rhythmic flow, with different parts joining in and always keeping it fresh, and an interesting variety of timbres. I fully enjoyed her set and it felt short to me — she successfully left her audience wanting more.

Next up was Dub Station Zero. Obviously had a strong dub influence. Good transitions, solid and occasionally very funky rhythms, fun basslines with occasionally wild buzzing timbres. He has mastered his craft for sure. His set was longer but it felt 100% right. Good stuff. It sounded like I was listening to an album, not someone who just brought a drum machine and small Eurorack case to a hotel. I would buy that album.

And then, Vamp Acid. The dark side — driving rhythms and more than a little industrial and gothic flavor, I was totally on board with it. When it’s almost 10 o’clock and I’m that tired it takes something special to make me want to get up and dance. (I don’t dance.) She seemed to have specific songs she was doing, though not without improvisation too. Changed the tempo up a few times, including some fakeouts and surprises which worked super well. She sang, and my only complaint is that her vocals could have been louder in the mix (not that this isn’t common with goth acts). My favorite of a very good three, and I’m happy to learn she does have an album out too.

This morning I’ll go eat breakfast, check out of my room, see about that Dreadbox Hypnosis and head for home. I didn’t take a day off work tomorrow for recovery and I hope I don’t regret that. 🙂

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