So, a fire alarm went off last night in the Knobcon hotel just after midnight. SUPER LOUD and startling, as I guess it needs to be. I very hastily got dressed, pocketed my phone, wallet and car keys (but not hotel room key!) and for some reason, a pair of socks, and and went down the stairs… for not very long before the FD showed up, checked it out and cleared everyone to go back in.

This morning I have one sock 🙁 I of course didn’t bring another pair with me. They were nice merino wool Icebreaker socks too. It’s probably on the fire stairs or outside or something. Yay.

Unless I get lucky and find it on the stairs on my way down, it looks like I will be heading out of the hotel at some point today to buy socks, unless it’s one of the things in the giant CVS vending machine downstairs (I doubt it).

UPDATE: the sock and I have been reunited. It was at the bottom of the fire stairs. Whew!

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