control freak

I think I figured out the crashing issue.

It only happens in games, and specific games… and mostly racing games. In fact… it only happens when I’m using the XBox wireless controller.

And sure enough, if I go looking I can find other people saying that games crash when they use the controller and don’t when they don’t, and the advice is always to update the controller using the (free) “XBox Accessories” app from Microsoft’s silly Windows App Store.

So maybe that’s been the problem all along. Something else to try anyway.

Intellijel just surprise-announced the release of a new delay module, the Sealegs. It does tape and BBD and old-school reverb and warbly wobbly stuff and I love what I’m hearing. I’m not sure it’s doing anything I can’t already do, but it’s a really thoughtfully designed module.

It’s 20HP. I would not try to replace my Mimeophon with it. jroo Loop maybe but that doesn’t clear enough space, so I’d have to part with Synchrodyne or Interstellar Radio.

Not going to act on this right now. Knobcon is coming and I might fall in love with some module there.

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