hits and misses

The new album is done. I think it’s going to be named “Clearing the Air” after one of its tracks, but I haven’t 100% given up yet on naming it after the speech synthesis theme in some way.

In mastering the first couple of tracks, I discovered that somehow Sound Forge had somehow been set to use “DirectSound Surround Mapper” which was robbing it of both volume and presence. Uh. It’s supposed to be set to my audio interface’s ASIO driver without any craptastic Microsoft quasi-driver. Guess that explained why some of the detail I was hearing when previewing tracks in plain old VLC, I couldn’t catch in Sound Forge. 😐

The Thursday driveway resealing didn’t happen, because they said “it’s too far gone.” And yeah, it has… flowed a bit. Cracks and ripples and patches that don’t look like they’re lined up with what they originally were supposed to patch anymore. Asphalt is a very slow liquid, and this has had some time I guess. But the driveway is still functional as far as I’m concerned, so rather than paying another contractor more to fix that, we’ll just run with it unless it becomes a problem.

My Spectraphon was due to arrive yesterday by 7PM, until about 5PM when suddenly it said “Monday by 7PM.” This morning it said “Out for Delivery” but also still “Monday by 7PM.” And now it’s back to “On The Way”

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