The new keyboard is here, and the 2.4G dongle doesn’t work with Teletype anyway, so I could have kept the cheaper open-box unit and saved some hassle.

But as it turns out, I prefer Akko’s Jelly Pink switches in this one over the Jelly Purple. The feel is a little smoother and the keys are a little bit quieter. With o-rings it should be fine.

Like I said, the wired connection will work with Teletype just fine, and all connection types work great with the PC. As long as I occasionally plug the USB cable into the PC to keep the keyboard charged, it should be fine.

Typing on it does take a little getting used to, after years with the old one. The keys are the same standard size, but the old one had the Fn key to the left of the spacebar while this one has it on the right — and somehow that makes me want to line my hands up differently on the home row, and makes it feel like Enter and Backspace are a bigger reach for my pinky (they aren’t). I expect I’ll get used to it quickly though.

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