The Shapeshifter page is up. My general impressions of the module, favorite wave banks, three handy presets to serve as starting points, and 16 patch recipes. Hopefully it’ll be as useful for a few other people as the process was for me. That module is a monster!

I finished The Frugal Wizard’s Handbook for Surviving Medieval England (it wasn’t super long and was a quick read). It was… hmm, a popcorn novel I guess? I wasn’t blown away, didn’t have any really huge laughs or big OMG moments, kind of felt like every part of it had been done before in some way or another, and it didn’t have the immense charm of the first Secret Projects book, Tress of the Emerald Sea. But I was entertained. 3.75 stars maybe? If it’s the weak point of this set of releases, that’s totally acceptable.

Now I’ve started on Exultant by Stephen Baxter, which I picked up at a library book sale ages ago and finally realized I haven’t read it yet. I could have sworn I’ve also read other novels by this author, but apparently not, I confused it for something else. So far it’s very much Big Weird Ideas science fiction, with characters that are compelling, and I’m probably going to thoroughly enjoy it and look for more of Baxter’s work.

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