near miss?

Several years ago, I went through a couple of months with arthritis in my left wrist. Part pain, part a feeling of wrongness/weakness, like it just wasn’t going to work properly.

There was a round of painkillers, but the problem went away on its own and the wrist has given me very little trouble since.

Last night it came back, and was partially responsible for waking me up early. (That, plus some sinus congestion and the cat getting his usual pre-dawn energy burst.)

It was annoying enough before, particularly with typing or driving. It would definitely get in the way of bass playing, even with the Miezo. So that got me worried (which also contributed to getting me out of bed early).

Thankfully, after Tylenol it’s at least 95% better, which tells me it’s not like that first time at all, and is probably going to continue being okay even after the Tylenol wears off.

I’m pretty annoyed at Biden casually saying “the pandemic is officially over.” Community transmission is still high in a lot of the US. Deaths are way down but not zero. Catching it once does not grant immunity, getting vaccinated improves your chances but doesn’t grant perfect immunity (especially if you don’t get boosters) and vaccination rates are still lower than they should be. There have been several horror stories online recently about Long Covid and how it affects cognitive function, and frankly that scares me the most.

I know this president is much less awful than the previous one where it comes to off-the-cuff foolish statements, but he really should have paid attention to the words of the philosopher Benjamin Franklin Parker: with great power there must also come great responsibility.

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