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Maurizio of MÜB emailed last night to say that they’ve begun assembling my instrument, and asked which pickup I wanted. I’d already settled on one dual coil without paying extra for something fancier, so it came down to Aguilar DBC or Bartolini CBJD. He says, “if you prefer a warmer, fuller tone the Aguilar complements the inherently clear tone of the Miezo. The Bart, instead, is a good choice if you want to further accentuate that clarity.”

Not the most straightforward choice from a verbal description, but I went for the Bartolini. I feel like since putting the tapewound strings on the Mikro, while its feel and string noise have improved, it’s lacked a bit of the zinginess the factory strings had. And I think “warmth” is easier to bring out with filtering, saturation, and/or amp sims while it’s more difficult to bring more clarity than what’s already there, if that makes sense.

The next album is done, named, artwork finished, etc. I wound up dropping a track which I think had some merit but didn’t quite sit right. There’s another one that seems a little bit off-axis for the album but I also feel like it’s genuine and needs to be there, so it stays. The release will be Sep 2, the next Bandcamp Friday.

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