here’s my political statement:

ModWiggler’s policies suck. That is my informed “political” opinion.

I changed my avatar on the site to a square cutout of this piece of art:

The illustration by the artist Boris Groh shows a Ukrainian defender with his middle finger raised.

It’s been that way for weeks. This morning I got this:

The funny thing is, MW itself has specifically posted in support of Ukraine. They donated 100% of their income to the Red Cross last month.

My speculation is, either a poorly paid employee of Behringer or a superfan out on social media patrol, saw that I posted something less than complimentary about their new announcement, and since the content of my post was entirely within forum guidelines they reported the avatar as “political” — which some of the moderators have an instant knee-jerk shutdown reaction to. Not that it stops the obvious right-wing types (…including one of the moderators…) from being obviously right-wing and openly mocking “SJWs and snowflakes.” But then, at least one user got away with having an anarcho-syndicalist flag as their avatar for several years, so… beats me.

I considered just telling the moderator to go ahead and ban me. But I wouldn’t be the first and it accomplishes nothing. I may take a self-imposed break from the site for a while though. Meanwhile, this is my new avatar for now:

User avatar

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