x: Sounds are not “analog” or “digital.”

x2: Analog envelope generators do not cause synths to sound “more analog”.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.


If you happen to like the way thing A works more than you like the way thing B works, that does not make thing A objectively better. It is the opposite of that, it’s subjective.

Likewise if thing A has features that thing B doesn’t, and thing B has features that thing A doesn’t, and you like the features of thing A and wish they were in B, that still doesn’t make thing A objectively better.

Let’s review:

harderobjectiveMohs, Vickers, or Brinell hardness scale
bettersubjectiveno applicable unit of measurement
fasterobjective(any measureable unit) per time unit, e.g. meters per second, gallons per hour, frames per second; OR the time to complete a standardized action (e.g. booting into Windows)
strongerobjectivemaximum load that can be lifted (kg, lb, etc), material breaking strain (MPa/psi), etc.

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