All Points Collapse

The new album is now available! As usual it’s free/pay-what-you-want.


Speaking of collapse… with the news that Epic Games has bought Bandcamp, there has been much discussion and pessimism about that in various online communities. I am… let’s say “not thrilled” because to me Bandcamp is pretty great already, with just a few convenience features wanted but basically having a great thing going both for listeners and artists. Epic promises not to screw that up. But what happens nearly every time a relatively small, cool company gets bought by a larger, uncool one? Promises get broken.

Epic didn’t buy Bandcamp just because they love independent music and musicians so very much. They have a bigger plan, which involves buying other media companies outside their area of expertise and doing something with them.

As I’ve just demonstrated — and will further demonstrate this afternoon when I get home from work and buy a bunch of music, skewing toward Ukranian artists and labels this time — I’m not abandoning Bandcamp now. But if things go south, in the form of more emphasis on popular artists over independent ones, canceling Bandcamp Friday, taking bigger cuts from artists, NFTs/crypto, required subscription fees, pivoting entirely to streaming, or other general fuckery, I will find an alternative.

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