Thursday morning, the air conditioning was dead at the office, and we were sent home for our comfort. By that evening there was still no ETA for repair, so Friday was a second work-from-home day. Fine with me! And by the end of that day it was still not repaired, so Monday — if my jury summons was cancelled, which it was not — would have been another.

But then Friday night, a line of storms rolled through with hail — baseball-sized in some nearby areas. Then a second line of storms came through with 70mph winds and knocked out power to 38,000+ people, including us.

44 hours later, after 4 or so revised estimates, we finally got power back. Weather wasn’t too horrible through most of yesterday, but it started getting uncomfortably warm after night fell, and worse through today. The combined stress of various factors really took it out on me today.

I think I can handle the jury duty stuff, with that taken care of.

Work is probably going to be an adjustment over several weeks. In a nutshell though, it’s what I feared but in a way I didn’t express well: I’m not a manager, but I do still have to attend more meetings, spend more time reviewing other peoples’ code and helping them with programming problems, do a bunch of technical configuration stuff that I have no experience with, solve non-programming-related problems, and hold some kind of longer-term perspective when I used to intentionally be fed two-weeks-or-less chunks to deal with. So far it looks like 2/3 of my work time is now NOT programming.

I guess the key to coping with it is just to roll with it though. I don’t think that with the available people, I could have been sheltered from dealing with all of this. I don’t have any recommendations for anyone other than do not expect any miracles from me and do expect me to be completely off my game for the next few months.