I don’t normally talk about stuff this mundane, but


My old standby hiking boots were pretty worn out after however many years of service, and some lesser sneakers rotated into and back out of the, um, rotation during that time. But I decided at some point, I was going to get some really comfy work shoes and take the advice of the people who know: nurses and restaurant staff. Even though I don’t stand or walk around all day, I figure, any shoe good enough for them should work fine for me.

One of the branches that led down was Crocs or Profi Birkis (Birkenstocks made for work, non-slip tread, waterproof and super easy to clean, and supposedly really comfy). I chose the latter, and… eh. They have this really high arch support that took some getting used to. Plus I got a size too big and they liked to wobble all over or slide right off my feet. I made it work with some stick-on pad thingies, but not ideal.

I decided since I’m going back to work, I might as well try Crocs On The Clock. Same general design, but instead of big arch support they’ve got more memory foam (yay!) and are just slightly less slip-on (and slip-off). They don’t look like weird plastic clogs like many Crocs do, they cover your whole foot sort of like a… I guess a loafer? And they’re like 3x more comfortable at a cheaper price.

So there’s my recommendation. Just get the Crocs.