because it’s Mardi Gras

Mutable Instruments Beads was released today, and I can finally stop being cautious about taking photos of my modular, and stop putting “[beta module]” or just “Clouds” in my patch notes. 🙂

I’m having second thoughts about my current project to explore it — I think it’s doing me some good to think about and discover other techniques and patches with it, but so far I’m not producing particularly musical results, just experimental ones. So it doesn’t really make much sense to release it as an album. Besides, as wildly popular as this is going to be, and as many demos have already appeared for it, I don’t think it needs something else that is also kind of a demo.

So I’ll probably just get back to making music the normal way (with occasional explorations interspersed, for my own benefit) and stumble into a theme accidentally, as so often happens 🙂 I do have another Ambient Online compilation piece to record, as well as that invitation from the Sonic Sound Synthesis show to consider.