The reinstallation of plugins is complete. While I’ve cut down on the number of plugins considerably, they’re all set up on my categorized quick lists. I will probably weed the lists eventually — leaving access to the less commonly used plugins in the capable hands of Bitwig’s browser/search — but I wanted to put everything there for now so I can:

  • get to know all the Bitwig native plugins well.
  • revisit old 32-bit stuff that I haven’t been able to run in Maschine for a while, including my own experimental plugins
  • be aware of what is and what isn’t installed on my hard drive.

Also, deeper integration between modular and DAW, and Bitwig’s routing and containers, are going to affect my plugin usage.

A lot of stuff didn’t get reinstalled. My Native Instruments installer shows 71 items not installed, and a mere 5 installed. My software archive folder has 41 items, but my “no reinstall” archive has 147. Some of those were sample libraries, non-music utilities or other things, but some “items” are actually multiple plugins so an accurate count is going to take some doing.

Some of that material is free or not-for-resale, but a chunk of it is not. A major post-Knobcon project is going to be identifying what I can resell, the license transfer fee if any, and market prices.

Speaking of… tomorrow morning I head to Chicagoland. Not much going on the first day of Knobcon, but I do want to beat rush hour traffic. There’s registration and the reception — a live show featuring a half-dozen or so synth performers, which goes on for more hours than my endurance allowed last time. This time I will eat dinner first. Neither rum nor beer count as “dinner.”

Saturday is mostly going to be about the exhibit halls for me; there aren’t any workshops I’m invested in. In the evening there’s the banquet and keynote speech, followed by a choice of Big Room or Chillout Room for live music until whenever. It’s also highly likely I will ditch the crowd and find some quiet time at a few points.

Sunday the exhibit halls reopen, and Dr. John Chowning has a talk on FM at 1:30 I might attend (I can’t tell how “beginner” it might be or if it’ll be fairly comprehensive and give useful insights). But I want to get back home at a reasonable time, so I wouldn’t stay beyond that.